The Prison of Perfectionism

Since the beginning of time, moms have wanted to be perfect. It started with Eve, enticed by the serpent who offered her an amazing deal: "Eat this and your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil." Who doesn't want to be like God? Isn't that the aim of the Christian life... Continue Reading →


All My Unread Books

I have recently benefited from psychiatric treatment for my life-long battle with depression. One of the focus areas of this treatment is identifying the roots of my anger and how it manifests in my life. Recently, I realized how angry I am with God about slavery. I realized this after I came across a bunch of... Continue Reading →

Jesus Shines Brighter than a Racist’s Torch

By now you know that a small group of torch-bearing white supremacists converged on Lee Park in Charlottesville to remind us they don't want brown people in America. This situation was on my mind as I sang about the love of Jesus in church yesterday and my heart was filled with hope for America. Practically speaking,... Continue Reading →

Why are Grandmothers So Chill?

Have you ever wondered why grandmothers enjoy children so much? It's not just because we are madly in love with our grandchildren. And it's not just because we want to recapture a long-gone season of nurturing, whether our own grands or other little ones. I can't speak for all grandmothers, but I enjoy my grandchildren... Continue Reading →

Do You Monsterize Yourself?

You're a mom, NOT a monster. Yet how often do your mistakes become your reasons to feel evil and ugly? This struck me as I was reading Feeling Good, a mood therapy book that exposes destructive thinking habits. While author David Burns uses "monsterizing" to describe how we label others who make us angry, my thoughts... Continue Reading →

A Few Verses that Shaped Our Parenting

On Palm Sunday we were blessed to watch as our youngest child - Cynthia, age 20 - was baptized. Before church, I pondered the 33-year parenting journey Joe and I have traveled with our seven children, and I gave thanks to God for his incredible truths that offered us guidance and strength. I share them... Continue Reading →

The Surprising Beauty of Failure

I just spent the winter hibernating after opening a business and closing it within six months. Ma Spa had fulfilled my dream to host mothers in a lovely space, to teach biblical principles about family, and to promote self-care. Christian Moms want to apply the Bible to family life, and we typically put ourselves last on... Continue Reading →

How to Pray for the President

Some Christians believe God is finally back in the White House. For them, Mike Pence, a right-leaning SCOTUS, and pro-life/pro-guns/America First values represent the presence of God and the restoration of righteousness. These folks rejoice over President Trump and pray that God's hand will guide his leadership. Other Christians believe the Devil is in the... Continue Reading →

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