Home.  Few places mean more to us.

That’s not necessarily because our homes are perfect. For many women, memories of the home we grew up in are jarring and ugly. Thoughts of the home we are building now may not be ideal either. We are reminded daily just how broken we are in spite of our best efforts. We suffer at home in countless ways, from the chaos of raising children to the hurts we endure in marriage.

In spite of these realities, I return constantly to God’s word where home life is offered to us in its highest forms and where his promises fuel my desire to build a home for his glory.

In Proverbs 31 there’s a woman who loves God first, and that love is reflected in the energy she pours into her home and those who live there. It’s NOT about being perfect or making bread from scratch. Being virtuous is about being strong and attuned to what our families need today. That’s not going to look the same for each of us.

In Titus 2 there is an invitation for older women to teach younger women how to love their families. When we have a community of sisters in Christ, we can share life with one another and practical ideas for making home a haven. I sure wish I had more mentors to support me when my children were younger. I hope the experiences I share on my blog can be that support for you.

Here’s a glimpse of Coleman home happenings in recent months:

Coleman Wedding Group Pic

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