Mary Coleman

Mary and tree

I am opinionated. I love to write. I often say that I was born to talk.

My favorite topics are family, education, race relations, and justice, but I venture frequently outside these bounds.

I don’t know everything, but I do know this: Jesus Christ and the scriptures have been my strength, guide, and comfort for over 35 years.

I consider myself studious because I search the Bible for answers and perspective. My intellectual approach sometimes gets in the way of my faith, but since God gave me a brain, I try to use my head and my heart as I live for Christ.

I hope  you’ll find wisdom and hope here as you also walk with God, build your family, and love your neighbors.

My Bio

I grew up in Toledo, Ohio, with my parents and three brothers. I became a Christian in 1981 while a student at Princeton University. In 1983 I married my husband Joe and we have been privileged to raise seven children: six girls and a boy who range in age from thirty-two to twenty. We have also suffered the loss of seven children through miscarriage and the death of a newborn.

We home schooled for thirteen years and cared for our aging parents who have now passed on. We live at a boarding school in rural Virginia where my husband is assistant headmaster. I am development director for a non-profit in Charlottesville.

Our family continues to grow now that our children are older and we have two grandchildren so far.

March 2010


November 2014

Family at Andrea's Wedding

June 2017

Family Photo 2017



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