Mary Coleman

Mary and tree

I am opinionated.

I love to write.

I was born to talk.

These three things converge here on my blog where I share from the heart on faith, family, justice, and current events.

I don’t know everything, but I do know this: Jesus Christ and the scriptures have been my strength, guide, and comfort for over 36 years, especially as I raised my children. The idea of being a studious mom may seem academic, but it’s really about searching the Bible for answers and perspective. We all need a compass to help us navigate life’s burdens and questions. So I hope you’ll find wisdom here as you also walk with God, build your family, and love your neighbors.

My Bio

I grew up in Toledo, Ohio, with my parents and three brothers. I became a Christian in 1981 while a student at Princeton University. In 1983 I married my husband Joe and we have been privileged to raise seven children: six girls and a boy who range in age from 33 to 21.


We have also suffered the loss of seven children through miscarriage and the death of a newborn. We home schooled for 13 years and cared for our aging parents who have now passed on. We live at a boarding school in rural Virginia where my husband is assistant head of school and dean of students. I am development director for a non-profit in Charlottesville that serves low-income children.

Our family continues to grow and we have two grandchildren so far. We thank God for his mercies and blessings.

Family Thanksgiving 1

5 thoughts on “Mary Coleman”

  1. I’m so thankful I found you! I also have a heart for race relations, but as a middle class white woman I need direction. Looking forward to following your blog. Prayerfully, Carol


  2. Mary, oh I am so happy I found this.. THANK YOU .. and sharing this with our family.. and friends too. .
    love to you and Joe and all your family.. love Mae Mae Gabbert…. Douglas’ mom 🙂


  3. you have inspired, challenged, and taught me, I had forgotten some of the “About Mary” details — like about the 7 losses. But recalling them occasioned the other thing that you do, and that is to remind me the isteadfast love of the Most High God!


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