Hate has spoken. Now what?

The nation watched in horror yesterday as hate literally barreled down the streets of Charlottesville, leaving death and trauma in its wake. The coming days offer us time to grieve the lives lost in such horrific and unexpected ways. Maybe we thought ahead of time that injuries would occur near the monument as angry men... Continue Reading →

Suddenly Samaritan

Samaritans were considered by the Jews to be unclean half-breeds, but Jesus upended this long-held sense of superiority and ethnic purity by defining clearly what it means to be a child of God. This comes to my mind as white supremacists head into Charlottesville on Saturday to spew their disdain for brown people. I'm feeling... Continue Reading →

Is Homeschooling a Sacred Cow?

It's August. Everything in you wants to home school and everything in you doesn't want to. Time is running out and tax-free weekend is coming up. You need to order curriculum and purchase supplies. A decision has to be made, and soon! I faced this quandary throughout my 13 years as a homeschooling mom and... Continue Reading →

When the Bride Wears Black

With two weddings in my family over the span of six weeks this summer, I have had many opportunities to enjoy and reflect upon the beautiful rituals associated with marriage ceremonies. Central to those traditions is the bride wearing white. A bride is the focus of the day; the beauty of the hour. She is... Continue Reading →

The Prison of Perfectionism

Since the beginning of time, moms have wanted to be perfect. It started with Eve, enticed by the serpent who offered her an amazing deal: "Eat this and your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil." Who doesn't want to be like God? Isn't that the aim of the Christian life... Continue Reading →

All My Unread Books

I have recently benefited from psychiatric treatment for my life-long battle with depression. One of the focus areas of this treatment is identifying the roots of my anger and how it manifests in my life. Recently, I realized how angry I am with God about slavery. I realized this after I came across a bunch of... Continue Reading →

Jesus Shines Brighter than a Racist’s Torch

By now you know that a small group of torch-bearing white supremacists converged on Lee Park in Charlottesville to remind us they don't want brown people in America. This situation was on my mind as I sang about the love of Jesus in church yesterday and my heart was filled with hope for America. Practically speaking,... Continue Reading →

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